“A culture is only as great as its dreams,
and its dreams are dreamed by artists.”
L. Ron Hubbard

Welcome to the Church of Scientology Mission of Santa Monica

Drawing of Scientology Santa Monica Mission Contact:
(310) 460-2342
This Church is open on the Westside to bring enrichment to the community and the lives of individuals here in the heart of Santa Monica.

Specializing in delivering services on Dianetics and Scientology. Santa Monica church offers services to professionals in all fields, leaders and promising new-comers in the fields of the arts, sports, management and government, to families and the man on the street.

We offer courses and individual counseling to anyone interested in enriching their quality of life and the development of their art form in order to truly make a difference in our civilization.

The artist is capable of creating major effects that inspire our society and culture. Especially today in this high-tech age, communications routinely address millions of people at a time — making the sphere of an artist’s influence almost boundless.

L. Ron Hubbard recognized the importance of the artist to society. He realized that real celebrities deserve the best in service and care, for those are the people who are sculpting the present into the future. This new center in Santa Monica is dedicated to helping those that want to gain confidence, personal integrity and the freedom to accomplish what they want in their careers.

“Living itself is an art form.” — L. Ron Hubbard

In addition to improving one’s own life, the Church has courses of Scientology study that will enable you to help others in their lives and careers. You can train as a Dianetics Counselor or as a Volunteer Minister to make improvements in your family, your work or in your community.


Mission Holder, Rohn Walker and Surf Club President, Rob Hoover discuss The Way to Happiness at the Santa Monica Beach Clean-up. (more...)

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